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Spirit of Peru Retreat

Pachamama - Sacred Journey to the Heart 

September 15th - 23rd 2024

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

"Re- discover yourself on this beautiful sacred,

spiritual journey of awakening

in amazing Peru"

8 x nights/9 x Days
​ at Kinsapacha Eco Lodge, Urubamba, Sacred Valley

 Connect deeply to the heart of Pachamama
Find the stillness and the healing that lies here in the Sacred Valley

This is the mystical land of the Incas where the legends of the past are still strongly influencing this beautiful land and its people

Join me for this incredible life changing journey situated in the magical Sacred Valley.
This journey for the Soul will connect you deeply to your heart centre, uncovering hidden aspects of self as you connect with the highly energetic places of power here in Peru

Connect with the light of your Soul in the Andean places of power

Our next Spirit of Peru Retreat 

15th - 23rd September 2024

Peru,  is a land of extraordinary natural beauty, soaring mountains and ancient civilisations
In this time of great change this amazing sacred, spiritual  journey will guide you back to your authentic self.

Trek through the land of the Incas to Magical Machu Picchu, and visit hidden places off the tourist trail, mysterious Inca Ruins and archaeological sites , such as Temple of the Sun or Temple of the Moon. 


We  travel with local guides and participate in authentic Shaman ceremonies that help us to connect with ourselves and this ancient land. 

Our journey begins with a very special Andean Blessing and offering to Pachamama - Mother Earth performed by an Andean Shaman (a very heartwarming experience).  


Immerse yourself in Peruvian culture, hear their legends and learn about their traditions still very much alive today! 

shaman 2020.jpg

Step off the treadmill of life and experience the magical energies that lie deep in the heart of the Andes!


As modern life puts up more barriers to the natural world,

many people feel that something important is being lost from their lives and in this land you will see

first hand what living as one with the natural world truly means.

Travelling through the Andes (Apus - or mountains) and being in nature puts us into a state where all the elements fall away, and we are left to face our minds' activity.

To truly connect with our 'wild selves' we must strip away our conditioning and open our hearts!

This is the place where transformation and healing can happen!

On this magical journey experience:-

  • ​Sacred Shamanic Ceremonies with Shaman from the Quechua Community

  • Intuitive Guided Meditations

  • Reflection & Sacred Circles

  • Creative Art Therapy

  • Connect energetically with Ancient Sacred Sites

  • Pisac Ruins & Market,

  • Moray & Moras Salt Mines

  • Mystical Machu Picchu - the Crown Chakra of the world

  • Treks to the three lagoons Sacred Valley

  • Sound Healing

  • Yoga in the Dome

  • Offering to Mother Earth Ceremony

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Beautiful nourishing food from the Eco Lodge garden

  • Relaxation & Self Care time

To find out more about this incredible Retreat to Peru or to book your space please click below.

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