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Healings & Ceremonies

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'We must teach ourselves, actively remind ourselves, what being wild means -

We must make room for it and invite it back! '

Intuitive Healing for Spiritual Growth


 Shifting into the New Earth and connecting to New Earth

Reclaim and redirect your energy according to what matters most to you!


One/One Intuitive Healings with Karen by Appointment

This beautiful calming space brings nature to you

Your session Includes

  • Shamanic healing & Soul Retrieval work

  • Sound Healing & vibrational sprays

  • Personalized Crystal grid & nature's healing tools

  • Intuitive spiritual guidance & messages

  • 3 Card Reading for personal guidance on your journey

  • Energy clearing, including attachments, blockages and imprints

  • I work through the energy of the lineage, the medicine men & women, my team in spirit and your

  • guides to channel information for your spiritual growth

  • Identifying and releasing trauma stored in the body

  • Helping to identify all that is held in your energy - adapting to the awakening process


These sessions will help you to let go and to ground you in the New Earth energy and connect to your true Soul Essence - Contact Karen for availability 0432 950 468

Shamanic Soul Journey Ceremonies


 These ceremonies are by appointment only with Karen

  • A Blessing to Mother Earth Pachamama Ceremony

    2 hr

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