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Karen Tetther

I first came across the Munay-ki Rites several years ago on my very first trip to Peru.
I had gifted myself a ‘Vision Quest’,

an inner journey that I had chosen to take to re-discover my identity.

Little did I know that this trip to Peru would completely change the landscape of my life forever!


I was fascinated by the mystery of Shamanism and wanted to learn as much as possible about
it’s ancient origins! After completing the Inca trail and seeing majestic Machu Picchu coming
up out of the mist, I found the highest point and sat in Meditation asking to connect with the
ancient land, the Inca knowledge and wisdom and also set an intention to bring a group back to Peru to experience this life- changing journey.

Again, I was completely unaware of the magic and light held within this powerful Sacred Site.

Shortly after this I returned to Cusco and travelled to small village in the mountains near Pisac for a 7 day Retreat. It was here that I met Maestro Pablo Flores, a Shipdo Shaman from the jungles of Northern Peru – he was a fifth generational Shaman and was here to guide us through the Ceremony.

I had a smattering of Spanish so was able to converse with him and learnt that his family resided in Pucullpa, Northern Peru and he journeyed to Cusco to perform the Ceremonies

– it was a two/three day journey by bus, plane etc.

On arriving in Cusco he went to the Temple of the Moon to a ceremonial cleansing pool and to honour the ancestors before travelling on by bus to the Retreat centre. The plant medicine was brewed in the jungle over a period of weeks – the recipe passed down through the generations.
After a two different cleansing processes, which involved drinking volcanic water and a flower cleansing Ceremony we were ready for our 4 hour long Ayahuascha Ceremony.
During the Ceremony I had what can only be described as a huge awakening and download of Inca Ancestral Knowledge, along with cleansing and dismantling of destructive old patterns.
After a de-briefing session the next day with Maestro Pablo I was able to understand a little better what I had seen during the Ceremony. He announced to me that I had been chosen to work with Pachamama and she would show me the way forward from here! I didn’t fully understand the depth of this statement at the time but my intentions that I set at Machu Picchu quickly manifested when I met my business partner in the mini bus on the way back to Cusco! He turned out to be one of the founding Managers of the Retreat Centre and had his own travel company, Travel Healing.

It was here that Spirit of Peru Retreat was born and my passion for Mother Earth, the Spirit of Nature and the deep connection with the truly beautiful Andean people, Shamans and their traditions and rituals.

After many trips to Peru my hope is to pass some of this knowledge and inspire you to connect
more with the rising and setting of the sun, and all the gifts nature and these practices have to offer you.

In Munay (love)

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