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Welcome to
Soul Journeys

Hi I'm Karen

Founder of Shamanic Soul Journeys.

I am passionate about Mother Earth, and to being in harmony with the universe , nature and all existence.

I welcome you into my Sacred Space and offer you a safe, warm and nurturing environment to unfold your personal journey.

Take a journey with me the Shaman's way!

My commitment is to inspire people to transform their lives through a range of different modalities. 

From Spiritual Retreats in Peru, to group Meditation, from Shamanic Healing Events and Courses, to intuitive one to one Healing Spiritual journeys! 

My intention is to help you uncover the hidden parts of yourself and your unlimited potential and to find the answers to come into alignment with your higher self.

I run Spirit of Peru Retreats, leading tour groups on transformational journeys to this mystical land. 

After working with Master Shamans there for many years,

I now pass on these teachings to you,

including past life clearing, cutting cords and ties, karmic releasing, initiations and sacred ceremonies.

"I am limitless and expanding

in every moment"

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